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International promotional compliance specialist launches TeleVeritas

As a result of continued growth in demand for its broadcast compliance services, PromoVeritas, the leading independent verification service, has launched TeleVeritas as its new branded operation focusing on broadcast work.

TeleVeritas will ensure broadcasters and production companies internationally operate interactive elements of shows in compliance with legislation and codes and protect them against fraud and attempts to manipulate voting or multiple entries.

The popularity of reality TV and talent shows has been matched by a desire from all in the industry to ensure the integrity of their voting and entry platforms to avoid a repeat of the high profile scandals from a few years ago that caused regulatory bodies across Europe to toughen up standards in order to maintain consumer confidence.

TeleVeritas can assist programme makers with an Integrity and Systems review, drafting of appropriate terms & conditions plus ‘on the night’ supervision of all aspects of phone, text or web interaction in order to validate the integrity of the final results.

Jeremy Stern, managing director of TeleVeritas

Jeremy Stern, managing director of TeleVeritas, commented “The significant rewards from winning a TV talent show or Award, or even just betting on the outcome, can inspire some to try to manipulate the results. In our many years of overseeing shows in the UK and abroad, we have seen and thwarted a huge number of both amateur and sophisticated attempts at cheating or ‘beating the system’. We are now geared up to support programme makers worldwide with their interactive voting challenges and ensure the integrity of their show. For many countries it is a regulatory requirement, but for all independent supervision should be a basic requirement.”

The TeleVeritas team has worked on broadcast consultancy projects in the UK and Europe since 2007. Major projects including Strictly Come Dancing for the BBC, Eurovision Song Contest, the UK National Television Awards, the UK National Movie Awards and Britain’s Next Top Model.

About Jeremy Stern

Jeremy Stern founded PromoVeritas in 2002. With promotional marketing accounting for an increasing share of marketing budgets—and the risks to brands growing exponentially as a result— the company has grown significantly and now advises brands and agencies on best practice and provides verification, winner selection, judging, security and support for all forms of voting, competitions, prize draws and ‘golden ticket’ type instant win promotions in the UK and all around the world.

After an influential career as a senior marketer with Kraft, Coca-Cola, BT and Tesco—and board membership of both the IPM and CAP —Jeremy Stern is now recognised as one of the UK’s foremost experts and speakers on the security, compliance and integrity of promotional campaigns and the potential risks failure poses to brands and their agencies.

Prior to setting up PromoVeritas, Jeremy was European Promotions Director at Coca-Cola where he was responsible for the company’s overall promotional strategy in Northern Europe and the coordination of Coca-Cola’s plans for Euro 2000, the Sydney Olympics and internet projects such as Coke Auction. Jeremy’s other senior positions have included Head of Affinity Marketing at BT, Marketing Manager at Tesco, and Group Brand Manager at Kraft (where he was responsible for the launch of major coffee brand Kenco).


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