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“It starts with you” / NIVEA Men “unlock men’s everyday potential”

London, April 29th 2013 – Recognizing that men’s faces go through a lot daily, NIVEA Men, the global leader of the male facial care category, has launched a new range of products designed to unlock men’s everyday potential starting with the “Active Age Range”.

With 90 years of experience, the pioneering grooming brand knows that NIVEA Men is the right choice to give back to stressed skin.

“NIVEA Men’s view is that every man has potential, but not everyone can tap into it fully,” said Ralph Gusko, Executive Board Member for Brands at Beiersdorf. “Our products help consumers to feel good in their skin and achievements are more easily attainable when you have this feeling.”

To support the launch, NIVEA together with Draftfcb have developed a new global campaign with a strong call to action, “It starts with you.” Using a more emotional approach towards men that embodies the brand essence of easy-going masculinity, the campaign taps into the insight that when men feel positive, they see it reflected in the mirror as well as in their attitude: NIVEA Active Age Range is a quick, simple and effective path to feeling good in your skin.

“’It starts with you’ is more than just a claim,” added Tobias Collée Global Marketing Director NIVEA MEN. “It actually gives men the kick they sometimes need to get going. It has a very straightforward, positive and aspirational attitude as well as acting as an invitation to brand activation.”

The global roll out of the new campaign will run from April on across multiple channels starting in Germany and UK this month.


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