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PR and marketing jobs untouched by effects of recession / The Reed Job Index

Click here to see how job opportunities in PR and marketing have changed over the past year.

The number of PR and marketing job opportunities in the UK has grown by 13.39% over the past year, according to latest figures from the Reed Job Index.

Salaries in the industry are also faring well. Last month the average yearly wage in PR and marketing had grown by 2.48% since March 2012, whereas the average salary across all sectors has dropped by 1.52% in the same time-frame.

Most regions around the UK have more PR and marketing jobs on offer than in March 2012, with 5,012 jobs vacancies posted on last month alone. Yorkshire has seen the biggest difference, with a significant 95% increase in opportunities since March 2012. Job vacancies in Scotland were up by 87.5% in the same period.

Duncan Morris, CEO of digital marketing agency Distilled, said: “’s latest data confirms that savvy businesses recognise the importance of marketing and PR in weathering the recession. With the rise of technology, an increased focus on digital communications and the blurring of the boundaries between PR and content marketing, it’s likely that we’ll see a further influx of more digitally focussed positions in the not too distant future.”

Martin Warnes, Managing Director of, said:  “Whilst some industries suffered during the recession, marketing and PR opportunities have remained fairly consistent. Businesses are quickly learning the importance of marketing and PR activity in driving sales and this has protected the industries amid the economic downturn.”

The Reed Job Index is compiled by job site, through analysis of job advertisement trends from over 10,000 recruiters throughout the UK.

Click here to see how job opportunities in PR and marketing have changed over the past year.



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