Shaken & Stirred - Influential Brand Profiling and Positioning

“So sick of the same ads telling us how to be happy, and what the perfect size is”

Smug Girl, Ditzy Girl, Muffin Girl and the whole concept of diet-food advertising. Meet Advertising’s Horribly Clichéd Dieting Women Cheese brand’s biting parody By Rebecca Cullers

LowLow is a brand of cheese products that have one-third the fat of regular cheese. Watch the video

But rather than produce the typical diet-food advert where women who don’t need to be on a diet wiggle orgasmically as they chow down on cardboard-textured food stuffs, LowLow decided to make fun of the whole concept of diet-food advertising.

In the spot below, we meet the girls from adland: Smug Girl, Ditzy Girl and Muffin Girl. These superficial girls each have their own issues. Smug Girl dines on crackers just to fit into her jeans. Ditzy Girl dances about everywhere she goes because she loves her diet food just that much.


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