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Are you recruiting the right people for strong teamwork?

Recruitment people 300x225 Recruiting the Right People for Strong Teamwork

What processes do you use in recruiting the right team members for your organization? Do you have a plan? Do you have a strategy in placing team members in the right position? Here are some ideas on finding the right people for the best team development.

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Identifying the Right People

The reason that most organizations fail in developing healthy teamwork is due to having the wrong people in the wrong places. The first process in developing a productive team is to have a healthy process of placing people in the right spot. This cannot be a speedy procedure. In fact, for most leaders this will take some time. This process should begin by first asking a very simple question, “What do I want this person to do?” It would not be a bad idea to develop a description of this team member. This does not have to be long and drawn out however, having it written down on paper can constantly keep it before you. It will clarify what type of person you are looking for to carry out the goals.

Connecting the Right People

Have you ever noticed that some people simple do not get along with each other? In the development of a healthy team the next goal should be to connect those on the team into a progressive, working environment. Depending on the size of the team, it is always productive to communicate one-on-one, in groups of 3, and with the entire group.

One-on-one communication will be beneficial for you as the leader because it will give you an opportunity to engage in uninterrupted conversation. When meeting with other team members it is always healthy to meet in a group of 3 people. When the conversation goes beyond 3 people it will geometrically multiply the inability of the group to discern the conversation. Beyond three people you will find that the conversation becomes complex. Direct and personal conversation depreciates with every person that is added to the group. Simply understand that personal one-on-one conversation is the best.

Equipping the Right People

When the right people are put in the right spot, equipping them to do the job well is the next step. You can never over train good people. A healthy team leader and a healthy team understand that learning is a lifelong process. It never stops. It never ceases. It is always evolving. If you have chosen the right people for your team they are never offended when more training and more equipping are suggested. In fact, strong team members crave constant learning.

Empowering the Right People

Giving power to others is a healthy sign of a strong leader. Allowing others to do the job does not scare nor intimidate one who aims to lead. Empowering others is one of the most powerful tools any organization can utilize. Empowering team members will help them find their skills and gifts. It will also mobilize them and help them to use the necessary resources to complete the task they have been asked to carry out. Empowering someone to do their job will help them discover their gifts.

Encouraging the Right People

Encouragement is all about healthy coaching. It is not about dictating or suppressing the gifts of an individual.good coach in any organization is attempting to find the skills of every member in the group and help them become the very best they can become. A good leader or coach is constantly seeking out the unique skills of every person on the team.

Repeating the Process

Every healthy team leader will need to repeat the above process over and over and over.

  • Identifying the right people
  • Connecting the right people
  • Equipping the right people
  • Empowering the right people
  • Encouraging the right people
  • Repeating the process

Recruiting a strong team for your organization is not impossible. In fact, you probably have the makings of a strong team in your organization as you read this article. The reason that many leaders do not develop strong teams is simply due to putting the wrong people in the wrong places. Strong leadership is all about putting the right people in the right spot and trusting them.

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