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News about UK’s pets, RadiumOne, PingMe,, Digital agency e3, Royal Navy

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RadiumOne, has announced the latest version if its PingMe social messaging mobile app that includes a new location-based people discovery feature, allowing users to find and meet new people that are near their current location.

PingMe bridges the best of people discovery with social messaging, providing multiple ways for people to connect based on their common interests, location proximity, attractiveness, shared social connections, and intriguing social posts and questions. It enables people to connect with existing friends, as well as make new friends with the swipe of a finger.

PingMe is the first app that brings together the connectedness of social messaging, openness of social broadcasting and location-based people discovery. People can ask questions, share their everyday interests to easily connect with other like minded people in PingMe’s community of over 3 million users. PingMe’s collection of social features gives users a compelling reason to spend time on the app getting to know the new and interesting people they may not have encountered in person.

There are so many different attributes that attract people to one another,” said Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO & Founder of RadiumOne. “We’ve built PingMe to incorporate as many of these attributes as possible to help people discover and connect with people who they find interesting. What makes PingMe so special is that these discovery features are built on top of a social environment that can foster real-life connections.”


Almost a fifth of Brits (19 per cent) love their pets more than their partners, according to a survey of pet-owners by*

In addition, more than 35 per cent admitted they sometimes love their pet more than their significant other, with women being more likely to pick their pet over their partner.

In fact, the UK’s pets are lavished with more attention than partners, family or friends; 38 per cent of respondents said they spend more time with their pets than anyone else in their lives.

Partners came in second at 27 per cent, with family close behind at 26 per cent. Just two per cent claimed to spend more time with friends than anyone else.

Echoing this sentiment, pet-owners are more likely to have pet insurance than life insurance; 56 per cent of pet owners have insured their beloved pets, compared to 50 per cent who have taken out life insurance.

photo credit: Puzzler4879 via photopincc


Digital agency e3 and Royal Navy today launch the Battle of the Atlantic site –
a digital offering that brings the story of the Battle of the Atlantic to life in an exciting way, in order to inspire the public to attend events and highlight the relevance of the Royal Navy today:

The Battle of the Atlantic 70th anniversary (BOA70) uses a unique 1940s design with a nod to current data visualisation and infographic trends to tell the stories from the longest military campaign of the Second World War in a digitally compelling way. Presenting exclusive eye witness accounts, new data aggregations and historical comparisons, the special landing site also uses a flexible CMS powered event template for Royal Navy editors to update all elements.

e3 has been responsible for overall concept development through to design and technical delivery, with a firm focus on creativity and technical nous. For example, the latest javascript vector graphic techniques were used to visualise JSON feed powered charts. e3 has also overseen the content strategy, defining the overall tone of voice, devising features such as ‘Then and Now’ – comparing the Royal Navy of 1843 with the modern Naval Service of today, including ships, equipment, strategies and personnel.

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