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Urban Airship demonstrates integration of Alaska Airlines Loyalty Program in Google Wallet at Google I/O

  • By Corey Gault 2013-05-15 As the race to win mobile loyalty heats up, apps and digital wallets enable brands to gain invitation onto consumers mobile devices and build a directly addressable audience.
  • Google Wallet’s new API enables merchants and brands to create loyalty cards that are discoverable within Google Wallet including a 2-click signup process to the brand’s loyalty program.
  • Cards can also be added to Wallet from Save to Wallet buttons anywhere on the Web, while existing members can scan their physical card to have it added to Google Wallet.



Android Rich Notifications

Urban Airship write….

We’re pleased to announce full support for a much richer and more interactive style of push notifications—called Android Rich Notifications—enabled by the Jellybean Android operating system. App publishers will soon be able to send these notifications using Urban Airship’s web composer, opening up this richer messaging style to non-technical, business teams charged with driving greater app engagement and app user loyalty.

Android Rich Notifications can contain images as well as Action Buttons enabling consumers to click a Play Now button for music, Share buttons to spread your message to their social networks, View Deal buttons for expanded information and much more.

Digital Wallet

We’re also pleased to announce support for the new Google Wallet announced at Google I/O. Google’s approach to empowering brands with digital wallet initiatives focuses on the complete lifecycle, from discovery and building engagement, to enabling rich analytics and reporting. Cards are discoverable within Google Wallet, which enables a 2-click signup process to the brand’s loyalty program.

Urban Airship’s solution allows Google Wallet customers to build cards through a simple drag-and-drop visual builder. This includes six industry use cases: Loyalty Programs, Coupons, Gift Cards, Member Cards, Event Tickets, Boarding Passes and a Generic template to cover other unique use cases.

Developers that want to be the first with access to these new capabilities can sign-up here.

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