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Will you buy the Horse Meat Cookbook?

The Horse Meat Cook Book Ever since Tesco got found out, about about their secretive horse meat ways, people have gone one of two ways on the whole horse meat thing. Either you have stopped buying any minced ready meals or you have sought out the pubs in London that began to offer horse meat burgers.

Now though there is no need to leave the comfort of your own home with the Horse Meat Cookbook. You can order all sorts of exotic meat online including pony and get cooking with the help of the Horse Meat Cookbook recipes.

The Horse Meat Cook book is published by Random House and is available online for £8.99.

The Horsemeat Cookbook is a fun, light-hearted recipe book for those intrigued and adventurous enough to try cooking with this healthy, low–calorie meat.

The book features over 40 authentic and tasty recipes including classics such as the Italian Pastissada de Caval and Pot-au-feu de cheval, a traditional French horse stew; Yuk Hui, a Korean raw horse salad; and Beshbarmak, the national dish of Kazakhstan.

The book is complete with information on nutritional benefits, cooking times and guides on which cuts to use for which dish, The Horsemeat Cookbook will have your family and dinner guests chomping at the bit for seconds.

Reasons horse meat it good for you



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