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by on June 11, 2013 in CRM, Lead story, Retail

Advertisers targeting parents should be involving dads more in their campaigns, according to new research from AOL UK’s dedicated parenting website, Parentdish.

In an exclusive survey of 2,212 parents with One Poll, 85% said they believed most advertising was biased towards mums with over half (56%) of those questioned saying advertisers should make an effort to talk to both mums and dads equally.

The research was commissioned by Parentdish to provide an accurate picture of the attitudes of today’s parents towards brands and advertising. Of those parents surveyed, 20% said they were tempted to buy a new product after seeing it advertised. However, when it comes to brand loyalty, comfort (62%), value for money (51%) and trust (43%) were the three most important factors considered by parents.

Asda, Boots and Mothercare came out on top as the brands parents feel have made their lives easier, with Apple and Pampers listed as the top two brands they cannot do without.



eBay Advertising has released the latest issue of its monthly ‘Barometer’ which analyses data and and provides insight into trends on this month looked at the automotive sector and revealed the importance of complimenting in-store showroom efforts with a strong, analytical online presence.

  • Just as consumers are merging on and offline channels to shop for everything from clothes to furniture, increasingly they are applying this omnichannel approach to cars too. eBay recorded a 140% increase in searches for cars in the UK between 2009 to 2012
  • Following the launch of Skyfall, eBay recorded a 35% spike in searches for Aston Martins
  • Although men outnumber women in the motor category on eBay, 56m of the 300m searches for cars conducted on eBay in the UK in 2012 were made by women
  • With the release of new car registrations in March, April saw the biggest peak in car searches on eBay, with searches more than doubling in comparison to monthly searches in Q1 2013


RadiumOne has announced the expansion of its programmatic advertising solutions with the introduction of its Enterprise and Self-Service Platforms for brands, agencies and trading desks.

These two new solutions, built to engage with today’s digitally connected world, are based on RadiumOne’s ShareGraph™ technology, which is used today by 50 of the top Fortune-100 brands. The Omni-channel approach helps marketers manage, target and deliver ads across display, mobile, video and Facebook while leveraging in-house enterprise data sources such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and activate all first-party data using RadiumOne’s platform.

RadiumOne’s entire suite of solutions harness the power of programmatic advertising while providing much-needed transparency and control marketers need to achieve long-term value from their media partners and close the loop between earned-media and paid-media.

The new Enterprise platform achieves 3 goals for brands, agencies, and trading desks:

  1. Activates all existing online and offline data
  2. Intelligence and insights that help dimensionalize a brand’s audience
  3. Omni-channel delivery through a fully programmatic platform.


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