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Kids roam free this summer / TravelSim

TravelSim offers free SIM cards for kids this summer so mum and dad can relax by the pool and forget about rip-off roaming charges

TravelSim ( is offering a free pre-loaded SIM card for all kids this summer.

A family’s holiday check list is a bit different these days, not only do you have to remember the essentials such as passports, currency, swim wear and sun cream but just as important is the smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Mum and dad may plan to get away from it all in a secluded paradise – but the kids will definitely have other ideas. Whether it is calling and texting, a social media addiction, catching up on films or TV or just playing games – chatting, surfing, downloading, poking and playing are now just as much entrenched in the family holiday as eating too much, sunbathing and falling out!

The only problem being the sinking feeling in the pit of mum and dad’s stomachs when they allow themselves to even consider how much they are being ripped-off to quench their kid’s unquenchable thirst for data.

Travel companies often recommend that whilst abroad you turn off your phone or tablet, or at the very least turn off internet data and voicemail to ensure that no nasty bills are run-up – but for a lot of us in the 21st century this is simply not an option. So what do we do?

Enter TravelSim.

TravelSim is ensuring everyone can relax and enjoy their holidays with no arguments about high call and text charges, or endless searches for Wi-Fi access.

TravelSim is giving away a free SIM card to the kids this summer with 10 Euros preloaded when mum and dad sign-up and place 10 Euros on their own TravelSim card. Thus ensuring the whole family can relax and enjoy a hassle-free holiday.

TravelSim is a prepaid call-back service with 3.5 million worldwide users. It is proven to save customers up to 85% on making calls while abroad and also offers free incoming calls in 140 countries and free worldwide SMS. It can be used in 190 countries around the globe.

Even more importantly for many, TravelSim enables your smartphone to be smart again without the worry of ridiculously high data roaming charges. For example throughout Europe TravelSim’s GPRS data rate is typically just € 0,50/MB. What makes TravelSim perfect for the kids is they can never go beyond their prepaid limit so it’s impossible to run-up a high bill.

“Even though most of us are now aware of the high roaming charges that can be incurred whilst travelling, around 80% of holidaymakers are still not sure what they will be charged for using their smartphone or tablet abroad,” says Mikhail Markin, Head of Product Development Department, TravelSim.

“So this results either in switching your smartphone off, or playing Russian roulette with your bill. Throw data-thirsty kids into the equation and your holiday can quite easily turn into one huge roaming-charge headache rather than the relaxing escape you had planned. This is why we are offering the free SIM for kids, it means mum and dad can stay in touch with loved ones and catch up on news or sport with their own TravelSim card, while the kids can also call, text and surf without the worry of how much it is costing.”

Markin adds: “This simply takes the hassle and worry out of using your smartphone or tablet whilst on holiday, as the whole family can now enjoy incredibly low call and data rates while knowing exactly what they are spending.”

The TravelSim free SIM card for kids deal will run through July and August 2013, giving families from all over the UK the chance to take up the offer whilst on holiday. All mums and dads have to do to take up this offer is insert promo code KidzTS into the comments box when they are placing their order on the TravelSim website.

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