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Video / Marketing Week Live / Jon Davey checks out 8 companies listed under “brand storytelling”

the magic of story telling

First mission was to check out the 8 companies listed under “brand storytelling” at Marketing Week Live so I could create my virtual story… over 2.5 hours in and this is my first contribution… perhaps need to speed up a bit!

So which of the exhibitors am I relating to?

Animate & Create Studios: Animation Production and Live Experience

Bringing marketing to life with animation – with Animate & Create Studios
We all know the benefits of video as part of your marketing campaign. But did you know that animated video is 40% more memorable than live action? And with an average of only 4.5 seconds to engage customers to stay on your site, animation is a valuable tool to get your message across quickly, memorably and efficiently.

Contact is shown Liu Batchelor, no real show profile, found her on LinkedIn.

Love this bit from her profile…

We design and run corporate workshops for team building, product launches, creative or incentive days, etc. Workshop themes are tailored to individual briefs, and delegates can create (and keep) their own plasticine models using our ‘mini-me’ figures, and then bring them to life through animated video.

WOW, what a brilliant corporate day out… I need to connect and arrange to sell that bit to Berkshire… what fun… this could be the one I was looking for… should I take the rest of the day off or keep ploughing on 😉

Shows you, you need to look a little deeper and scanning LinkedIn for key information is a good idea… video on the main site gives an idea of what you’ll get up to…

ChannelFlip Media

These guys came up with Simon’s Cat whose videos are loaded up onto YouTube and preceded by an advert… funny, advert was nearly 4 minutes long and then a sixty second cartoon! Love the integration of showing you how they draw the images, connects you more to the cartoon and therefore the channel… excellent work.

James Marks is giving a presentation at 2:20PM at c17, go watch that if you are in the house, hopefully I’ll pick it up from the live streaming. Sent him an invite to connect via LinkedIn.

Herd Research

Stephanie is head of business development but can’t find her on LinkedIn… I’ll point Nick to the website and see what he thinks but for me the site seems old… too many words, not enough fun… love the idea of Elephant’s can’t jump but sometimes you just can’t see the elephant in the room


Now this is looking good… again, the 3 guys/gals involved with the EXPO have missed a trick by not adding anything to their show profile… and they know the importance of joining up the story… searched for the company on LinkedIn’s new search tool and found the guy who started the party… he scribbled this…

Just pinged Greg a request via LinkedIn and an email directly… he’s come up with a story telling metric which is showing Rotary in 2nd place… once I get feedback from him directly to confirm which Rotary that is, that will be a story that we can get some amazing PR behind.

Leapfrog Research & Planning

These guys used to be in Windsor and never needed my help when I knocked on the door… so guess they don’t need it now…

Raconteur Media

As with most of the others, not using the shows profile pages… and these guys are talking big data and uses? Try small amount of data needed, could be seen by large numbers of people looking for an easy way to connect?

Great website… however, can someone translate this infographic… not sure of the language!

The book I’m currently reading says that using big words makes you look like a muppet, however clever you might think you are 😉 It also says folk don’t just hate statistics, they can’t hear them… in one ear, out the other.

I always remember Graham Jones telling me & an invited crowd of 50 people, how 78% of statistics were made up on the fly… obviously the majority laughed and the statisticians were asking where was the fly, they needed proof!

They are working with the newspapers and are looking for an Design Intern… hope they are paying the intern!

Reflex Marketing

Interesting… Naomi has made much better use of her show profile, she hasn’t tweeted for a while but hey, can appreciate that… but why is a promotional gifts company in the story telling category?

Reading her profile it becomes more obvious… she thinks out of the box for her clients, landing a bunch of corporates, making bespoke items… now that’s a story worth hearing 😉


They know how to tell the BIG STORIES and engage with corporate to generate funds for their projects. Charities should look at how they do it and mimic some of the elements that make sense… but they are not part of the day to day storytelling world I virtually came to find out about.

Brand Storytelling (8) TICK
Communities (9)
Education / Training (4)
Lead Generation (9)
Media Owner (4)
Motivation (6)
Social Media (14)

Are you following this journey in time and space? #virtualMWLive2013 or @windsordaily

Not sure how far down the list I’ll get today the speed I’ve started… reinforces why attending expos is a great idea, because you hear about it all so much quicker… or do you?

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