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ASOS and Primark: a match made in heaven?

by on July 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

The news that ASOS has agreed to offer Primark clothing to customers via its own site promoted a huge reaction across social media channels. Research by Lateral Group has reflected this and revealed that although the announcement sparked a large volume in comments, Primark was the brand that gained the most from the partnership.

Following the launch of the joint venture, Primark’s brand perception rose dramatically and the research identified a clear correlation between an increase in their social chatter (be it positive or negative) and an increase in their sales, suggesting that the retailer is likely to profit from the news.

On the other hand, the data also showed that ASOS experienced predominantly negative commentary from its customers and a large proportion of the audience felt that the association with Primark cheapened the brand.

Jason Cromack, CEO at Lateral Group commented, “In one sense, the social media attention could be beneficial for ASOS as the news has certainly increased its public profile, but whether or not the decision to list Primark products on the site has alienated existing clients, remains to be seen.”

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