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Fox Kalomaski Crossing launches Salonpas TV campaign

Fox Kalomaski Crossing, the integrated creative communications company, this week launches the latest TV campaign for Salonpas® pain relief patches on behalf of Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical.

Already a huge success in other parts of the world, Salonpas® is pain relief medicine for muscular pain in a patch.  This is a new kind of pain relief solution for the UK consumer, where the analgesic market is currently dominated by tablets, creams and gels, and by non-medicine heating pads.

This national TV campaign again targets muscular pain sufferers looking for a treatment that’s effective and complements their lifestyles.  The campaign will be deployed across major terrestrial and satellite channels.

Robert Thackery, FKC’s Strategy Director, explains, “Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical is the global technology leader in transdermal pain-relief patches that deliver anti-inflammatory medicine directly to the point of pain.  Salonpas® has already achieved huge success in other markets around the world.  It is a clinically proven medicine that provides long-lasting pain relief in a format that is new to people in the UK.  Our aim is to build a memorable brand communication property for the brand using our consumer insights into how muscular pain compromises everyday life.”

FKC’s first Salonpas TV campaign in February 2013 had an immediate and dramatic impact on sales, taking them from low levels pre-campaign to a monthly average that equated to a ten-fold outperformance of the pain-relief category’s fastest-selling brand.

Hiroyuki Takada, Sales & Marketing General Manager of Hisamitsu UK, commented, “We originally appointed Fox Kalomaski Crossing following a pitch and consumer research into their recommended advertising and communication platform.  As a result we are confident that FKC will continue to deliver a highly successful result for the Salonpas® brand in the UK.”


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