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“We’ve had a blast creating this app, helping to get the nation more ‘yeah!’ than ‘meh’” / Nicky Bullard

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LIDA has unveiled an app for O2 supporting the brand’s #bemoredog initiative. The ‘Be More Dog’ app sees O2 turning light-hearted life-coach in an effort to get the British to throw off their cat-like cynicism, remember how good it is to be enthusiastic and joyful, and just generally Be More Dog.

The app is voiced-over by The Mighty Boosh’s Julian Barratt.

Direct and digital marketing specialist, LIDA, and O2 today announced the launch of the ‘Be more dog’ light hearted life coach app, created to help customers embrace their inner dog.

The app will run on smartphones and online from 18 July to promote the Be more dog campaign and to help inspire O2 customers to adopt a more playful, enthusiastic and optimistic attitude. Featuring the cat from the TV campaign, customers are invited via email or SMS to ‘shake things up a little’ by clicking a link, and asking the cat a question. The app is introduced by a short video featuring the cat.

The app is simple to use – using a one word mechanic, customers can type in to ask what they should do right now.

They can then choose to select the cat answer or the dog answer. If customers select the cat answer, the response is humorously feline-esque. Selecting the dog answer delivers answers you might expect from man’s best friend, encouraging customers to go out, play, dance, work or whatever an active, enthusiastic relevant response to the question would be.

For example, if you ask: “Should I hug right now?” The dog answer might be: “Yes, yes yes. I love hugs more than anything in the whole wide world. Except maybe chopped liver.” In contrast the cat might say something like: “Be like me. Shun all signs of affection. Unless, of course, you want something.”

Customers can then share the humorous and fun answers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Melanie Fenwick, O2 Relationship Marketing Manager UK says: “We believe that each and every one of us has the ability to be optimistic and enthusiastic. Be more dog is about awakening that attitude in us Brits who often tend to equate appearing over-enthusiastic with looking totally uncool. Our slightly cynical attitude before the Olympics is a perfect example of this reticence, which is quick to evaporate when we see others joining in. Festivals are another good example – we leave our cynicism at the door and become a different person for a few days, embracing new experiences and living life to the full.”

She adds: “With be more dog, we want to help customers to connect to their more playful inner dog and inspire them- to be more curious, fun and excited by the possibilities that technology can bring.”

LIDA’s Executive Creative Director Nicky Bullard says, “We’ve had a blast creating this app, helping to get the nation more ‘yeah!’ than ‘meh’.”

The app supports the above the line campaign, which launched at the start of the month, and is voiced by comedian Julian Barratt.

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