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Women for Women / A solution to that peek-a-boob problem (video)

InStyle Essentials’ Perfect White Shirt, a solution to that peek-a-boob problem that plagues button-down wearers with a chest.

This situation occurs when the shirts are ill-fitting around the breasts, causing a gap in the shirt placket that can become a window to the skin underneath.The magazine partnered with a company called TrioFit to create the new shirt line, which is sold by bra-size, ranging from 32B to 40H to accommodate everyone from the small to large-busted.

The editors worked with TrioFit’s co-founders Rebecca Matchett and Drew Paluba to develop the styles. In 2004, Matchette and Paluba developed their proprietary tech that sizes according to a woman’s bust, rather than dress size.Three styles, classic button-front, weekend tunic and the bow blouse, are available for $59.99 apiece and will be sold on

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