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How much do you spend following your team every year?

by on September 12, 2013 in Events, Events & Awards, featured item, Lead story, Regional, Rock 'n Roll, TV

Price of Football calculator

How much do you spend following your team every year? Try the BBC calculator to work out your costs, then share your results with your friends.The calculator is based on the BBC Price of Football study – the biggest in British football – and includes the prices of 166 clubs in the top 10 divisions, including five in England, four in Scotland and the Women’s Super League. BBC Price of Football 2013 revealed

It found average ticket prices across English football’s top four divisions have fallen by up to 2.4%. All the data is listed here for the calculator.  Continue reading the main story

This year the BBC surveyed 166 clubs in 10 divisions across British football. It recorded the prices for the most expensive, and cheapest, season tickets and adult match-day tickets – as well as the cost of a cup of tea, a pie and a programme – to calculate the cheapest possible day out at a match.

A cup of tea remains most expensive in Manchester, where United charge £2.50. Teas are cheapest at Alloa (50p) and Elgin City (60p).

Leeds charged most for their programme in 2012; this year no programme costs £4, but Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Norwich, Stoke, Tottenham, West Ham, Brighton, Leeds and Hearts all charge £3.50.

Crystal Palace and Kidderminster offer the most expensive pies, at £4. You could buy three for the same price and get change at Forfar Athletic, whose pies cost a mere £1.20.

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