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Selling is changing – interrupt marketing doesn’t work any longer / Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble Social CRM

From – Jon Ferrara – the CEO of Nimble Social CRM – is passionate about the changes that companies need to make to compete as buyer behaviour changes. 
Jon Ferrara Interview – Key Messages from the Nimble Social CRM CEOJon has great clarity about the marketing, sales and relationship management challenge, he is passion to help people rise to the challenge, and he has a vision and experience to build not just a product but a community focused on sales success. 

  • Selling is changing – interrupt marketing doesn’t work any longer.
  • Business is Social – but the tools to support people and social relationships have been missing.
  • Jon had a need for a marketing and sales system as a sales manager – he knows the front-line issues.
  • Jon uses his own software to meet his needs – and trains others – and builds his company.
  • No other system offers the ability to support the relationship manager as Nimble does.
  • Mobile strategy is underway and Nimble is committed to deliver this.
  • Integration with Hubspot is available leading toward the whole integrated sales process.
  • Nimble Social CRM is an open platform that will enable and encourage other apps to work with it.


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