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Research : “What’s your favourite pizza?” – Shopitize asked UK app shoppers

UK Pizza Eaters Love A Bit Of Meat

Latest survey from mobile shopping app firm shows we are a nation of meat eaters who are not averse to having a slice of pizza for breakfast

Last week’s smartphone survey from mobile shopping app firm Shopitize ( asked UK app shoppers “what’s your favourite pizza?”

This is a topic everyone has an opinion on, whether you are a frequent pizza connoisseur or a health and fitness fanatic who only has a slice-or-two behind closed doors when no one is looking. It’s a question that divides the nation, causes ruptions in every household and even breaks-up some loving relationships. We all have our favourite toppings, whether it’s the old favourite the cheese and tomato, a meat feast, or, heaven-forbid, pineapple on a pizza.

Well the answers are in and the results show the UK is certainly not a nation of veggies. We are a proud nation of meat eaters who go potty for pepperoni.

Shopitize’s smart survey, which received 1,648 responses from its app users, found that the Pepperoni pizza is the nation’s favourite, followed closely by the meat feast.

Of the 1,648 respondents, 35% voted Pepperoni, 23% said Meat Feast, 20% chose Margherita, 11% preferred Veggie pizza and another 11% chose Spicy.

Shopitize’s pizza survey also asked at what time of the day do you eat pizza?

Not surprisingly, 71% said in the evenings, 14% late evenings, 10% in the afternoon, and only 3% in the mornings. Is this the left over’s from the night before, or maybe even an ingenious hangover cure?

“The UK is certainly a nation of pizza lovers, and we now know they are also a nation of meat-eating pizza lovers as no veggie topping got a look-in,” says Irina Pafomova, Shopitize’s co-founder.

“As for having pizza for breakfast, I really could not think of anything worse, but it’s a fact that a few of us do. Maybe I’ll try it after a night out one of these days.”

Shopitize’s new version of the app was launched in June after 6 months trialing with shoppers and brands. Using the Shopitize app, shoppers can now gain cash rewards over £1,000 per annum for interacting with brands on their smartphones and buying featured products as part of their regular shopping. The free app is packed full of interesting surveys, fun and simple recipes, curious facts that enrich the shopping experience, as well as a multitude of exclusive cashback offers.

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