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Three women officers were driving down a road in the city and saw a dog lying on the side

Three women officers from the Los Angeles Police Department were driving down a road in the city and saw a dog lying on the side.

They thought he might be hungry or thirsty and stopped to check on him. It turned out that the dog had been lying there for five hours after being hit by a car. The women took the dog off the street immediately, found he was microchipped and went to the owner. When the owner heard of the extent of the dog’s injuries, they said to put him to sleep. The women couldn’t do it, and took to the internet and media to raise awareness and try to get help covering the medical expenses needed to repair the dog’s injuries.

They named him Philly, created a foundation (Philly Phoundation) and have since rescued other animals including several this week alone. They now have not just rescued Philly, but Lady, Buddy, Stanley, Max, Smooches, Snow White and her five puppies, Bashful, Doc, Sleepy, Dopey and Happy. All have been abused or abandoned, or on the ‘kill list’ to be put to sleep at shelters. Philly’s Phoundation has a Lady, Buddy, Stanley, Max, Smooches, Snow White that helps with everything from medical care to toys, foster and ‘forever’ homes.

They are, without question, three of the best cause marketers I have ever seen. Genius at it. They’re incredible.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I bet the three of them never knew that day that their lives would change in this big, interesting way, or that they’d have this incredible new skill of leveraging social internet to drive awareness and support for causes. All because they had stopped to help someone (in this case, Philly) when nobody else would. The link through above is their Facebook page. It’s the little things that people do that change the world. I had donated to Philly’s care when he was first rescued and get the updates on their rescue work along with his continued care.

Here’s a look at Philly, along with the three women, and then Lady, Buddy, Stanley and Smooches below.

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