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Updating your hiring process

Handling the hiring process is not exactly a walk in the park for most companies. However, it is all in a day’s work for professionals for Human Resource (HR) and hiring managers. Instead of continuing on with your usual slog through mountains of paper applications and tedious phone calls, consider a hi-tech alternative.

Many businesses are going online with their recruiting and hiring needs as a way to streamline the process and reduce the strain of the traditional protocol surrounding potential new hires.

Going Digital

The first step is eliminating the pencil and paper approach. With the proliferation of Internet access and computers, there is not really much of a reason to offer and receive paper submissions. These time-consuming physical applications are easily lost and take up too much desk space in many cases. In their place, try out a system to handle recruits and applicants based around an online platform. This approach reduces time expenditure on your end of the process, and instantly codifies your incoming requests and applications.

Enhancing Communications

To start, recruiting tracking software can remove the hassle of individually contacting each applicant. Instead, you can automate emails or send these transmissions in bulk to get your message out to the masses efficiently. In-house communications can also benefit from this software approach. Forwarding resumes and discussing applications can all take place in a digital, open setting, allowing authorized users to compare notes and build a solid game plan for filling single opens and group positions alike. Both changes provide your organization with an opportunity to remove the clutter in the hiring process and evaluate new talent fast. This quick turnaround can help avoid downtime, and get your company back to moving at full speed as soon as possible.

Building a Hiring Database

Outside of promoting advanced communications, tracking your recruits also has the benefit of building a comprehensive database of applications and interested individuals. With this structure, your company can choose from a pool of talented individuals to fill needs as they arise, instead of reaching out to the public and hoping for the best in regard to responses. While the initial power of this resource may not be apparent at first glance, trying to fill a position quickly with an appropriate applicant will definitely illuminate the value of this perk after the database is up and running.

Incorporating Social Media

Of course, no new technology is complete without tie-ins to social media. As part of a new way of job recruiting and hiring your tracking software should have the ability to accept submissions from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Outside of incoming applications and resumes, posting to these sites can also get the news of new openings within your company out quickly to people who are willing to share, retweet, and like the post to others. A properly managed social media account, in conjunction with a strong tracking and application software system, is a powerful and cost effective tool to add to your hiring arsenal.

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