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Day in the life of a grad media planner

What does exactly does a media planner do between their pyjamas and dinner? Navneet Aulakh, media planner at ZenithOptimedia, tells all…  9.30– Arrive at work, take a few minutes to set up and check over emails, prioritising the urgent client ones first.

10.00 – Respond to client queries: this can require me chasing up people internally to retrieve information so I usually make sure I ask the right people for what I need and then once I have this I can collate accordingly and respond back to the client.

10.45 – Coffee with media owner about new opportunities

11.30 – Start getting together the competitor report for the month. I use media tools to find out about how much competitors are spending, what media channels they spend in, what their creative looks like etc.

12.30 – Send out the daily reports to the client. The data team are the guys who pull through the data into the reports and then I will request these from them, add commentary and talk about performance and how it compares against our targets, as well as provide some reasoning as to why targets haven’t been met (if this happens).

1.00 – Lunch (if we’re lucky we’ll get a lunch with a media owner to catch up on new opportunities and get taken somewhere on Charlotte Street).

2.00 – I’ll usually action some more emails that I’ve received, e.g. receive some PO’s (purchase orders, which confirms the client will pay £X for the activity) from the client – I’ll request the plans from the relevant buyers (usually search, display or press) and then get these signed off and action to be booked.

2.45 – Meeting with Press Buying team about a previous underspend brief from the client. So I ask the Buyers to put together a proposal based on the brief, which I have already written up and includes information about our target audience, budget, targets, product etc.

3.15 – Meeting with Display Buyers to discuss current activity and performance as well as the new brief.

4.15 – Grab a tea round for the team.

4.30 – Read media newsletters and updates in the media industry.

5.00 – Catch up on emails, respond to queries and, if it’s something that requires more time, put it in tomorrow’s diary.


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