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You need to penetrate the current ‘distraction’ level of prospects

by on October 5, 2013 in Advertising, Apps, Apps & Software, Businesswoman, CRM, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Events, Events & Awards, FaceBook, Gadgets, Google, iPhone, Lead story, LinkedIn, London & South East, Media, Metrics, Mobile, Mobile Marketing, Mobile/Tablet, News you can use, Online Advertising, Online Video, Pinterest, QR Codes, Retail, Search Marketing, Small Business, Startups, Tech, Twitter, Websites

UK marketing folk are having a tough time finding a lead generation solution that …

  • · Penetrates the current ‘distraction’ level of prospects
  • · Gives consistent results which can be converted into leads
  • · Does this all at a low, low cost – giving you an above average return on your investment

TheMarketingblog has a new lead generation solution that adds extra bite to what you are already doing!  Shaken & Stirred grabs and holds the attention of each decision maker and influencer while your success story placed  in their ’hearts and minds’ in order to get results

The objective is to combine results obtained from the reader tracking on multiple articles appearing in (Shaken) with bespoke result-driven email campaigns to (a) the prospects generated via themarketingblog and (b) your current database via our partner StrategyMix (Stirred).

Contact me Will Corry 01784 434 412 about setting an appointment in early October to discuss how Shaken and Stirred will help improve your last quarter 2013 figures and give you the high ground position with lead generation in 2014

Shaken & Stirred / Three bespoke newsletters at no charge as part of our new results / leads package. Call Will Corry 01784 434 412 today – your time will be well spent.

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