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The Results Battle Front : Stand shoulder to shoulder with theMarketingblog

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The Results Battle Front : What’s on offer when you stand shoulder to shoulder with theMarketingblog

The battle plan is simple. It is to seize results generated by 10 articles, stories etc. loaded into  themarketingblog over a three month period and maximise these results into future leads using  five battle hardened social media sites. Here’s some of the social media infantry – check out each and every one of them….





If you look at my latest promo and check the tabs up at the top of the page you will get a very good idea of what I have to offer. Here’s the promo

In this latest war footing proposal ….

  • A minimum of 10 articles loaded into and five of its support sites
  • Plus linked coverage in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc
  • Extensive coverage (five articles) in our award winning newsletter (Reach of 30,000)
  • You would get all of this for only £660…(that’s only £220 per month or £66 per article)

Please note – I would create the content for you using your website, blog etc to save you valuable management time. Call me for a chinwag…

Will Corry
The UK Content Curator
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