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Time to end the embarrassment – the first ever Digital Marketing Show : 150 speakers and 100 exhibitors

26th-28th of November 2013 the first ever Digital Marketing Show will take place at Excel.  Attendance is free and tickets are available from

The Show’s producer, Nick James, talks about his vision to help all marketers understand digital.

When digital marketing was first born many marketers thought that they could safely ignore it and leave it to the techies and a few dot com whizz kids.   Over the years that attitude has become increasingly dangerous.  I believe that the businesses that ignore digital will be dead within five years (with very few exceptions where the market is distorted).   The High Street has already seen many casualties.   The Digital Marketing Show was created to make it far easier for British businesses to understand how they can harness the power of digital marketing.

We are now at a cross roads for senior marketers.   The work force is becoming dominated by digital natives who will push their managers to the side of the road if they don’t start acting like them.    I’ve met many senior marketers who are now so embarrassed about the gaps in their knowledge of digital that they don’t like to admit it publicly.   However, even for the experts, it is extremely challenging to keep up-to-date and understand all the terminology, tools and trends.    We’ve designed the Digital Marketing Show to be an easy way to plug the gaps in your understanding and check some of your assumptions.

The Show is, as far as I know, the only digital event that is aimed at the marketers rather than the digital natives.     We’re bringing together industry leaders, key influencers and experts.   We’ve signed up 150 speakers and 100 exhibitors.   We’ve targeted speakers who can translate their knowledge for even the least technology minded.   They won’t be there to sell; they’ll be there because they share my passion for helping other British businesses.

Registration is free and we expect 10,000 visitors, but spaces are filling up far more quickly than I anticipated.     We thought the event was needed, and would be popular, but it was not until the registrations opened that I realised quite how huge the demand was.  Visitors range from CEOs to E-Commerce Managers and even Heads of Digital.   We have business of all sizes and people from a huge range of positions.  We’re looking forward to a great event and I very much hope to see you there.

Would you like to exhibit at the Digital Marketing Show 2013? Find out more here.

The Digital Marketing Show takes place from the 26th-28th of November at Excel.  Attendance is free and tickets are available from


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