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Numerous problems with M&S / Reader comment – Catherine Lange

by on November 7, 2013 in Lead story, Nuggets, Regional, Retail, Retail News

  • Inability to find what you want in a large store
  • Any incentive to move around the store?
  • Don’t do any really strong promotions

There are numerous problems with M&S that are far more fundamental than whatever filth is being referred to before (have I missed something??)

The first (and in my view the biggest) problem with M&S is the inability to find what you want in a large store without going to every section. They’ve started to create sub brands, and that works to a point, but the store layout is poor and fragmented so how do you now where to find them and which one is really suitable/ aimed at you? Each sub brand has a weak or non-existent personality and no clear value proposition.

Is there any incentive to move around the store? As a minimum they could give inspiration on outfits with displays clearly showing prices and which departments to go to in store to get the elements. And cross selling is incredibly poor (i.e. accessories – shoes, jewellery, handbags – to entice you to visit those departments).

They also don’t do any really strong promotions (check out GAPS print a discount for limited period promotion) that really grab you to bring you in store. Loyalty scheme? No. Get you to buy more by incentivising you to spend over say £50 get 10% off ? No. Get you coming back with a ‘spend £50 on food 3 times and get a £20 voucher scheme’ (like Waitrose and Morrisons)? No. Even free coffee/ tea vouchers for your next visit to get you back? No. Or even buy in one department and get a discount in another department for that 1 day only. Yes you’ve guessed it – no…

These are basic retailing rules – get em in, get them to spend more at each visit, get them coming back. Simples, or not in this case..

Catherine Lange

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  • Mark Jones - November 7, 2013

    How about utilising some of today’s touchscreen technology to offer customers an interactive floor plan including the chance to browse the complete catalogue on-line and sign up for any promotions.
    Better still, add the capability to show their existing App and deliver a connected experience between the store and the online, mobile and tablet user experience.
    Bring online in-store.
    It’s not rocket science – it’s called e-commerce and multi-channel marketing and is available now! / Giant iTab

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