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Caffѐ Nero reaps the Reward of Cashback Plus

by on December 12, 2013 in Uncategorized


Caffѐ Nero has seen a strong sales increase among NatWest & RBS customers that have signed up to the Cashback Plus loyalty programme.

In the first full month since launch, Caffѐ Nero enjoyed a 55 per cent sales uplift among those signed-up to the new loyalty scheme, which was supported by an increase in purchasing frequency. Furthermore, the brand saw the number of Cashback Plus customers spending in stores grow by 45 per cent during the month of October. 

The increase, which was measured by Reward, the UK’s leading Card Linked Offer specialist and the company behind the Cashback Plus programme, highlights the incremental growth retailers are already experiencing after joining the scheme. Reward tailors and issues offers from participating retailers to match each consumer’s personal spending behaviour. Linking these rewards directly to the payment card, the offer is redeemed by the consumer when the card is used at the retailer’s point of purchase.

Caffѐ Nero was one of the first merchants to join the Cashback Plus progamme, which offers registered RBS and NatWest cardholders the opportunity to earn up to 25 per cent cashback on purchases across the group of participating retailers. The other merchants who have joined the coalition of retailers include Dixons, Cineworld, and Charles Tyrwhitt among others. Based on estimates of everyday spending, a typical family of four could earn up to £120 cashback each year simply by shopping with participating retailers.

“We have always believed in the principle of recognising and rewarding our best customers, as well as welcoming new customers into our coffee houses,” said James Flett, Partnerships Manager at Caffѐ Nero UK. “It can often be difficult to provide consistent value to both a customer that shops with you regularly and a new customer who before may not have considered you as their first choice for the product you sell. We believe our much loved stamp card does this very well, but the service Reward provides through Cashback Plus ensures that we can be highly targeted based on a customer’s actual shopping behaviour, providing rewards that are valuable to them; creating a long-term rewarding relationship.

“Incentives rewarding loyalty are no longer a bonus surprise for consumers, but have become a key point of differentiation between retailers,” said Gavin Dein, Founder and CEO, Reward said. “As a result, it is essential that merchants focus on making the process of capitalising on rewards as frictionless as possible. This is exactly what we have done for Caffѐ Nero through Cashback Plus and the results are clear – already it is experiencing strong profitable incremental sales growth with customers spending greater amounts more frequently. Caffѐ Nero is one of the UK’s most prominent retailers, and to see that the programme we’re providing through Cashback Plus is already achieving such strong results is evidence to the huge potential of Card Linked Offers in the UK.”

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