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Research : 39% of agency employees claim mobile ad spend comes from new budgets | IAB UK

IAB research reveals that nearly 40% of respondents claimed that new budgets are being allocated for mobile, whilst mobile privacy and brand safety remain top challenges for UK media agencies  Read On .

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The findings are based on a survey carried about by the IAB and research agency, Work. The study, which is now in its sixth year, was completed by over 300 media agency employees and looks at current knowledge surrounding mobile advertising and uptake, looking specifically at agency understanding and client structure and barriers.

The research shows that the amount of people that feel they now have an above average understanding of mobile has increased by 28%, now at an all-time high of 64%. Nearly 40% of media agency employees claimed that mobile is now a regular part of client proposals and encouragingly nearly 20% said that it’s now a regular part of their business. Lack of client understanding is still a challenge for the industry, with 65% claiming so; however client knowledge levels have increased by nearly 14% since 2011.

The study showed that nearly half (48%) of respondents said they had ‘no experience’ of mobile privacy and 39% said the same of responsive web design. However respondents claimed to have grasped HTML 5 with 33% claiming to now ‘understand it well’. Looking ahead to 2014, when asked the question; ‘what do you think is the most exciting development in mobile advertising’ respondents said targeting, NFC and native advertising.



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