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Top tips & pitfalls from 3rd party cart recovery software – cloud.IQ

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More and more businesses in this day and age are choosing to move their high street stores online. Some opt to house a mixture of the two, whilst others choose to offer solely web-based stores.

However, with a web-based store, there are certain issues that may arise. Such issues include shopping cart abandonment, a slow connection, a lack of traffic and a lack of purchases. Read On …

Invest in a Good in House Software Solution

Thankfully, there are a number of software options to choose from, all of which boast to help maintain your web-based store. Many of these technologies are fully compatible with mobile phones, mobile devices and tablets. They also come available in various languages, which means you can target a wider audience. Sometimes in house solutions are unable to process and capture abandoned data, whilst feeding it to an email platform provider.

The beauty of an in-house software solution is that it can be handled in house, as opposed to seeking an out-of-house company, who may only be available at certain times of the day.




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