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Important news for B2B marketers : ‘How to make your sales force love you in 2014’

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New. TheMarketingblog can now identify high value leads for your sales team. It’s a new opportunity of targeting and engaging ‘fresh’ qualified prospects

If we could show you a way of getting qualified results / leads for your sales force early in 2014 would you be interested?  Case Study. An article was published in…uk in mid December. After the results were qualified by our team –  these leads were made available for follow up. The good news for 2014 is you could have a regular supply of quality leads with our new thrust. Or .. ‘How to make your sales force love you’

  • One was a Consumer Brand Manager for 36 billion euro medical company.
  • Another has a £300 million budget in telecoms.
  • A senior digital person for a beauty company.
  • A member of the DMA Awards committee.
  • A business owner that achieved over 8 million views of their viral product video.
  • And The Retail Marketing Manager for an online florist with over 2000 outlets.

The first step is great content loaded into theMarketingblog sites

  • 25,000+ unique visitors each month for theMarketingblog
  • 67,000+ page views each month
  • 37,000 three times a week reach of theMarketingblog newsletter.
  • 4,020 Twitter followers
  • 1,800 LinkedIn – a quality reach

Better still the price is right too. Which do you prefer…

Only £558 for 7+ great articles, case studies etc. over the first quarter of 2014 across five sites + Twitter, LinkedIn etc.. It’s a no brainer.

Only £798 for 12+ great articles, case studies etc. over the first quarter of 2014

Once your results are available you can have them qualified at only £8 per result. The six results above would have cost you only £48


Call me on 01784 434 412 to have a chinwag about a potential ‘LeadsMachine’ plan for your business. over the next three months. Your time will be very well spent..

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