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Paul Frampton writes ‘Brands that invest in communities wellbeing will be safeguarded from real backlash damage’

by on January 3, 2014 in Advertising, Lead story, Nuggets

Paul Frampton writes Havas Media’s 2013 Meaningful Brands study showed brands such as Google and Facebook riding high in the rankings, owing to their strong performance in improving people’s individual sense of well-being.

Meaningful Brands and their performance against the stock markets show that the demand for companies to go beyond their traditional marketing and business parameters and add to our well-being and quality of life is an essential requirement to the long-term success of a company.

However, tech brands performances on measures relating to community wellbeing were very low.
As I argued this summer, this should sound a warning bell to those at the top of these brands. Our annual survey shows that companies that consistently hold-on to the top spots are those that perform well in both individual and community wellbeing contribution, such as P&G and Microsoft.

With some predicting a tipping point in public approval of mega tech-brands in 2014 amidst tax-dodging, spy-agency colluding allegations, I predict stormier waters ahead for the brands that don’t act now to invest in measures that improve communal well-being, to shore-up against a coming ‘tech-lash’.

AOL, Twitter, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple and LinkedIn are already united to call for reforms. They know work must be done to restore the public’s “trust in the internet”.



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