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Premium Italian Publisher Gruppo 24 ORE launches first private programmatic marketplace with Zodiak Advertising

Premium Italian publisher, Gruppo 24 ORE, in partnership with Zodiak Advertising has announced the launch of the first Italian automated advertising platform: Premio.

With Premio, Zodiak Advertising has taken one of Italy’s largest, premium publishers and created a private marketplace, providing agencies and trading desks with a view of Gruppo 24 ORE’s network of online inventory and the ability to trade programmatically. The benefits that the private marketplace also introduces are access to the best inventory across Italy’s premium sites and the provision of a premium service to manage and optimise campaigns.

Using Gruppo 24 Ore’s digital Websystem network, Premio allows Advertisers to run campaigns on targeted profiles through Real Time Bidding (RTB) and programmatic buying. The WebSystem network is made up of 21 publishers – ranging from news to entertainment providers – with an audience of 1.2 million daily unique users and 8 million daily pages views. The network includes Il Sole 24 Ore, number one Italian business newspaper.

Luca Paglicci, Director of WebSystem, commented: “We have launched Premio as we want to provide our clients with a service that allows them to target campaigns at particular audiences on premium sites, taking advantage of all the financial benefits of new technological platforms while minimising the risks that can be encountered by using automated systems.

“We chose Zodiak Advertising as we wanted to represent quality Italian publishing and digital advertising. Zodiak is the largest provider of programmatic trading in the Italian market which is dominated by international technology partners.”

Andrea Campana, SVP at Zodiak Advertising, added: “Our partnership with WebSystem is, for Zodiak, the natural evolution of a journey which started over a year ago. It is not merely a financial agreement, but rather a relationship between two cultures, working together to modernise buying and selling advertising space, in a safe way to safeguard the interests of both clients and publishers.

“Zodiak was one of the first players at a European level to implement this model, based on new technology and a high level of service. With this new platform, Zodiak strengthens its investment in innovation in the Italian advertising market.”


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