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All the facts, stats, quotes and insight from 2013 for B2B marketers from Earnest.

All the facts, the stats, the quotes and more in B2B Marketing in 2013.

It’s been another heady year for B2B marketers. Challenging, frenetic and exhilarating in equal measure. The facts show there’s now wide spread recognition that buyer behaviour has changed and savvy marketers are starting to adapt. Some have embraced inbound strategies and new channels wholeheartedly, while others have taken far more tentative steps. One thing’s for sure, the death of outbound marketing has been greatly exaggerated.

This Slideshare brings together a pick of the facts, statistics and quotes from the year – to hopefully provide a useful guide for B2B marketers of the year that was in 2013. Rather than simply a retrospective, we hope what lies within can help to inform and justify your plans for the coming year.




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