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Delaney campaign champions personal approach of web host, Moonfruit

Moonfruit, the UK-based web hosting company, has unveiled a new TV ad to inform business-people and budding entrepreneurs of its ability to create tailored websites which truly reflect their passion.

Created by the leading international brand and marketing agency, Leagas Delaney, the 30’ TV Spot uses genuine Moonfruit customers to show that by building a website with Moonfruit, you can create a uniquely personal site.

Throughout the ad, a series of portraits of different people is shown, engrossed in their passion [a selection of images from the campaign is attached to this email]. The ad will be featured on a mix of Freeview and Sky TV channels, weighted towards prime time.

At present, large US-owned sites dominate the market in this country, offering customers who want to create a website, either a basic ‘off the shelf’ solution or a more design led approach. Moonfruit provides far greater customisation and levels of personalisation – both in terms of functionality and design.

Leagas Delaney, who won the Moonfruit business in a competitive pitch at the end of last year, have created a campaign ‘’ which positions Moonfruit websites as the most tailored in the market.

James Hayhurst, Managing Director of Leagas Delaney explains: “The ad reaches out to two types of people – those who already have a business that reflects their passion, but who need a beautiful website to showcase it, and those who want to turn their passion into a business, but who are unsure of how to go about it.

We decided to use genuine people rather than actors to show that only Moonfruit helps you tailor your website to truly reflect your passion. Throughout the ad, each customer is framed by the letters ‘www’ and ‘.com’ and the typeface used reflects the personality of each person. This really brings to life Moonfruit’s ability to harness a customer’s passion – a common thread that unites the target audience.”

Hayhurst adds: “We are delighted to be working with Moonfruit at a time when the business is growing so rapidly. We are looking forward to drawing on our strength and experience in working with fast-growth businesses to develop dynamic and engaging communications to reach those people, who like Moonfruit, have a passion for business.”

“This campaign represents our most ambitious marketing push to date and will spearhead an important year for the business,” said Moonfruit marketing director, Maddy Cross. “The four real businesses that brilliantly ‘star’ in our ads are the perfect example of Moonfruit customers who we’ve been proud to support over the past 15 years. The businesses and the personalities that work so hard every day to share their passion with the world deserve a uniquely personal website.”

The TV campaign will be supported by digital and social media activity before the launch of a second campaign phase in March, involving Out Of Home posters and pop-up stores. In addition, Leagas Delaney will be working with the company to develop its own website in line with the ‘look and feel’ of the advertising campaign.

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