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Three tourism videos / VisitBritain’s new offering, Adelaide, South Australia and a conference video from Emerald Isle – which one is best?

by on February 19, 2014 in Events & Awards, Ireland, Lead story, London & South East, Midlands, Northern England, Videos

Interesting mix of old and new tourism videos.

I decided to go (a) B2B on a conference video from Ireland; (b) A new, quite traditional styled video from the UK and finally an altogether (c) totally different approach from the guys and girls in South Australia.

As a very quick snapshot survey approach please can you tell us which one of the three impacted on you and why it worked. (Assuming, of course it did).

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Ireland ‘the best country to do business’ Forbes Magazine.

This video really captures the variety of experiences that groups experience in Ireland.


Tourism ads are usually photo albums of a country’s supposed best bits and VisitBritain’s new offering from RKCR/Y&R is no different.


A real gem from KPN! for South Australia


photo credit: matt.hintsa via photopin cc

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