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Virgin Holidays and LIDA create the world’s first wolf whistling email

“This probably won’t be the first offer you get this Valentine’s”

London. News. 13th February 2014. Digital and direct marketing specialist, LIDA, and Virgin Holidays, will be ‘wooing’ their customers this Valentine’s Day with a new email campaign that wolf whistles when opened. The agency is the first to create a sensory email like this.

The email offers holidaymakers deals to the USA and the Caribbean for Valentine’s Day. So customers can surprise their partner (or themselves) with the ultimate Valentine’s gift – a Virgin Holiday.  The creative proposition is in line with the brand’s award-winning ‘  Unleash your Mojo’ campaign, created by LIDA and M&C Saatchi and launched last year.

Zoe Goulding, CRM Marketing Manager of Virgin Holidays commented: “The Wolf Whistle campaign is an industry first. It’s cheeky, irreverent and great fun. And Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to unleash it.”

The creative, developed by LIDA, will roll out from Wednesday 12th February and is set to drive brand engagement and give its audience a ‘Mojo’ boost, taking them from feeling ‘good’ to ‘great.’ The subject of the email sassily states: “We want to proposition you” followed by the cheeky headline: “This probably won’t be the first offer you get this Valentine’s.”

The main body, written in a tongue-in-cheek style is set to further flatter its readers by explaining, “…we can’t resist making you a romantic offer (or should we say offers). Well you are irresistible. And honestly, the thought of you somewhere exotic, well let’s just say we can hear the wolf whistles from here.”

Nicky Bullard, Creative Director of LIDA, added: “It’s really hard to be disruptive with email.  But this will be the first time an email has wolf whistled at you, turning up your Mojo dial on one of the most Mojo-enhancing days of the year.”