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Important message for B2B marketers : “Get really serious about writing new business in the second quarter of 2014”

Feed that hungry sales force of yours with quality leads

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An opportunity of targeting and engaging ‘fresh’ qualified prospects

If we could show you a way of getting  qualified results / leads for your sales force in 2014 would you be interested?

Case Study. An article was published in in mid March. After the results were qualified by our team  these leads were made available for follow up

  1. One was a Consumer Brand Manager for 36 billion euro medical company.
  2. Another has a £300 million budget in telecoms.
  3. A senior digital person for a beauty company.
  4. A member of the DMA Awards committee.
  5. A business owner that achieved over 8 million views of their viral product video.
  6. And The Retail Marketing Manager for an online florist with over 2000 outlets.

The first step is great content loaded into theMarketingblog sites

We create and digitally spread great content for you in order to generate results which can then be qualified by us for your sales team to turn into orders. Here is the reach for your success stories etc…

  • 25,000+ unique visitors each month for theMarketingblog
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  • 2,430 LinkedIn – a quality reach

Call Will Corry now 01784 434 412. Your time will be well spent.   Will Corry 01784 434 412