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St Patrick’s Day launch for the first ‘live action’ TV ad created for Ribena since 2007

M&C Saatchi has unveiled a playful campaign for Ribena playing on the well-known techniques Mums use to smuggle goodness into their kids, and highlighting the added nutritional benefits of Ribena Plus.

The £5m campaign features the first ‘live action’ TV ad created for Ribena since 2007. The ad launches on 17 March, running on terrestrial broadcast channels as well as on YouTube and video on demand.

This new spot looks at the universal truth that sometimes mums have to be creative with the truth to encourage kids to do what’s best for them. Narrated by a little boy, the 30” ad explores the adventures and discoveries he makes with his little sister as they put mum’s “creative truths” to the test. Does the ice cream van really stop serving ice cream when it plays music? Does the internet really turn off at 6? Will carrots really help them see in the dark? Not exactly. But when it comes to Ribena Plus, mums won’t need to be creative with the truth. Goodness couldn’t be more appealing as Ribena Plus has the taste kids love with the added health benefits mums are looking for.

The spot closes with a product shot and the strapline ‘Delicious Goodness. No Kidding’, reiterating that Ribena Plus is the perfect choice for mums and kids alike. The TVC will be accompanied by press, digital display, PR and in-store activity.

Camilla Kemp, Managing Partner at M&C Saatchi, said: “We’re delighted with the work. Moving from animation to live action we’ve created an engaging, playful, and honest campaign that shows how Ribena Plus can be a great ally in mum’s quest for added goodness.”


Hannah Norbury, Marketing Director at Ribena, added: “With Ribena Plus we have lots of messages to communicate – no added sugar, added vitamins and calcium, and new flavours, and this campaign brings them all together perfectly in a fun and engaging way. Ribena Plus makes it easy for mums to get goodness into their children – it offers the delicious taste kids love, with the extra health benefits mums are looking for.” Ribena Plus launched in 2012 as the brand’s no added sugar offering.