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Which ad made Martina and Richard laugh – even at eight in the morning?

A great video to make you laugh out loud. I got an urgent call from my friend Richard telling me (not asking) that I just had to include this new Haribo ad. He said it put a massive smile on his wife Martina’s face even at the ungodly hour of eight in the morning.

So here it is. Roll of drums please for this very, very funny advert. It still makes Martina giggle every time she watches it even later in the day. I must say I agree. Enjoy….

All too often big, successful companies get caught up in pouring hundreds of thousands of pounds into adverts which still won’t hit the nail on the head, no matter how many celebrities driving sports cars into simulated fires are featured – which is perhaps why it’s so refreshing to see Haribo’s new simple 30 second slot garner so much attention.

The ad sees a corporate company meet to discuss their classic Starmix sweets, with the only twist being that they’re lip-synching along to audio of children debating the best ones. The resulting ad is short, funny and to the point, and includes a tip or two on how best to get the most from your confectionary, including fashioning inflatable rings from jellies. Sweet.

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