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Just who is the typical UK YouTuber? Research reveals their influence

New research from Google profiling UK YouTubers shows they are older, more social and more influential than you might expect

UK YouTube viewers are a highly sociable bunch according to the latest findings from Google-commissioned research. Far from spending all day in their rooms with the curtains drawn, they’re twice as likely to go to the cinema or sporting events than non-YouTube viewers. They’re four times as likely to go to concerts. They’re also older than you’d expect, with 90% of YouTube viewers aged 18 or over and 50% older than 35. Just 10% are aged 13-17, demonstrating that YouTube reaches people across all demographics.

The study was carried out to help brands understand more about the YouTube audience and how best to create relevant content for them.  More research articles from theMarketingblog.

The research also looked at the most popular content on YouTube and found that it’s not all about ‘Sing it Kitty’. Many of us are using YouTube to find out how to put up shelves. DIY is the third most popular channel on YouTube, preceded only by music and comedy.

As well as being handy around the house, they are very vocal within their peer group. The study reveals the extent of YouTubers’ influence among peers. YouTubers are brand evangelists who tend to tell everyone about a brand they love: 58% of UK users do this compared to 33% of non-users. YouTubers are nearly three times more likely to rate products, services or restaurants online than non-users, for instance.

They’re also willing to pay for content, which contradicts the popular belief that they expect all online content to be free. They are, in fact, twice as likely to buy digital movies, books and music and five times more likely to buy video games – another insight which could prove valuable to brands.

David Black, Director of Branding for Google UK, comments:

“YouTube is increasingly shaping what matters in content and culture today. Each month more than a billion people come to YouTube to find content they love – from fashion, to music, to food. This research highlights the opportunities for brands to engage with a passionate and influential community of fans.”

YouTube offers a diverse range of niche content to an audience keen to share and indulge in their passions, whatever they may be. The Google-commissioned Ipsos Media CT study @IpsosMORI reveals the top ten categories of videos that YouTubers watch:

1. Music videos (59%)
2. Comedy (44%)
3. How-to/DIY (40%)
4. Film previews/trailers (33%)
5. Live music (concerts) (24%)
6. Short films (24%)
7. Technology, electronics and gadgets (24%)
8. Food, cooking and recipes (21%)
9. Personal or home videos (21%)
10. TV shows (20%)

About the research

Google commissioned Ipsos MediaCT to survey 1,583 respondents in the UK aged 13-64 from June – Sept 2013. Of these,1,171 were YouTube users (=74% of total sample) and 412 were non-YouTube users (=26% of total sample). Quotas and weighting was based on age, gender, Internet usage and YouTube usage in order to be representative of the UK’s online population.