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Response rates : Enterprise Cars to use Affectv Signal Ads solution

by on May 23, 2014 in Apps, FaceBook, featured item, Google, iPhone, Lead story, LinkedIn, Metrics, Mobile Marketing, Pinterest, Rock 'n Roll, Twitter

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has launched a new advertising campaign with PHD, using SignalAds, the new online display advertising solution from Affectv. The Affectv ad platform @Affectv and signal targeting technology will use audience signals, such as travel and holiday booking habits, to personalise and endorse the creative and offer unique, relevant ads for individuals.

The recently launched campaign will run throughout the pre-summer holiday season to help Enterprise build brand awareness in the UK and Europe. SignalAds will be used for Affectv’s prospecting digital campaign. They will enable Enterprise to deliver meaningful and relevant messages for every individual, and to adapt and align these messages to the relevant stages of the customer journey.

SignalAds is Affectv’s proprietary solution that helps brands and marketers influence prospects, at any point along their customer journey, with intelligent and timely messaging that will resonate with them. The SignalAd solution takes signals from the world of noisy data (people, places, devices, and a lot more) and brings that information into adverts, in real-time.

Low click through rates

The SignalAd technology was created by Affectv in response to low click through rates of traditional banner advertising campaigns. This collaboration enables Affectv to further innovate and secure its market leading position, increasing its sales, engineering and operations teams to meet growing demand from Europe and Asia, taking the head count to over 100 globally.

Glen Calvert, CEO and founder at Affectv comments: “This is an exciting international campaign for Affectv with Enterprise and PHD trusting in SignalAds to drive effective engagement with a specific target audience. It’s a great opportunity for us to show the real power of SignalAds as a stand alone solution for building better brand awareness and achieving better results across international markets”.

Gosia Ciziel, Senior Digital Planner for PHD, comments: “We are excited to see the results of this innovative format. We know how important recommendations are in the travel sector and the Signal Ad allows us to gain critical insights on our customers to build on Enterprise’s image of trust and exceptional service”

Leah Wilson, European Marketing Manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car comments: “We’re excited by the prospect of delivering relevant adverts in real-time to each consumer. We are confident this will have a great impact on response rates and it will be interesting to see how it will impact our branding activity across Europe”.



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