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Twitter for Beginners. A practical workshop in getting started / Mark Longbottom

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16.05.2014: Daytime Event, 9:30am-12:00pm

how to: Twitter for Beginners. A practical workshop in getting started.

with Mark Longbottom

A practical course in getting started using Twitter and developing a broader understanding and effective use of Twitter as a social media platform. From the how to: Academy.


Course outline:

At the end of the session you will have learned how to:

– Create a Twitter Profile for yourself to achieve maximum exposure.

– Understand the settings for the design and editable sections of your profile.

– Understand how to find and follow relevant and connected people on Twitter.

– Understand how to create lists to make effective use of your time on Twitter.

– Understand the importance of Replying, Mentioning, and Favouriting other people’s activity.

– Awareness of effective Tweeting, with focus on time management.

– Awareness of influencers, mobile use and connecting with other social media platforms.

Mark Longbottom

Mark Longbottom  – a social media consultant @ociamark

with 32 years social networking experience as a conceptual and performance artist as well as web and graphic designer. He uses his design and analytical skills and experiences to help businesses develop social media strategies based on customer engagement.

Also with vast experience in online community management, using the available technology relevant to his communities needs. He is the principle social media consultant of  Ocia Media



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