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Web design agency uses Retortal platform to extend service offering for SME clients

Case Study : Harness Digital is a web design agency @hardigi catering to clients in London and the South East. It offers a range of specialist digital services, including email marketing, web design, search engine optimisation, ecommerce and social media marketing. Harness case study

The agency’s enthusiastic team of experts works with numerous SME clients, ranging from online retailers through to web-based travel agencies, which are looking to strengthen their digital presence.

The company already had a strong track record in all aspects of social media marketing working on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google Plus page design, as well as crafting fully managed campaigns and overseeing reputation management.
The Harness Digital team wanted to be able to offer a credible and relevant social media marketing solution to any of its existing clients, as well as to prospects, regardless of size or budget.

Harness Digital offers a full suite of SEO services from traditional optimisation techniques to longer form web writing services and content creation. The company has worked with some of the top SEO specialists in the UK during recent years and has developed, researched and refined its services in line with the increasingly sophisticated search engine optimisation landscape. However, the company did not have specialist in-house resources for social media content creation.

Dan Sykes, Director at Harness Digital explained: “It was strategically important that we should be able to offer a full line-up of services to all of our clients. However, we weren’t able to offer social media content creation in our previous set up. It was also important that we should be able to maintain brand ownership of any service we offer so we decided to trial Retortal’s white label platform.”

Using Retortal’s social media marketing control panel and content generation service, Harness Digital found it was able to deliver compelling content for Twitter and Facebook to any of its clients. The service, the first of its kind on the market, allows web, SEO and digital marketing companies to offer social media marketing campaigns to their clients, under their own brand, which includes a content scheduling control panel, statistics and advanced news search and post facilities.

Sykes commented: “The Retortal service @Retortal has proven to be invaluable to our business since we started using it in February. It has provided an extra revenue stream and its impressive results also help us to increase client retention, as it visibly promotes their business in such a transparent way.

“Search engine optimisation is becoming ever more complex and doesn’t necessarily provide instant results. From this perspective, the Retortal platform really complements our SEO work. It has proved a real winner with our clients as they can readily see a stream of activity on a daily basis. We have had some really positive feedback and we actually won our first two customers for the service within 24 hours of doing our first demos. It has provided us with a clear competitive advantage.”

Whether online businesses distance sell or sell online, the landscape is becoming ever more crowded. Companies are using more creative methods such as social media marketing to stay one step ahead of their competitors and build a strong voice and overall brand personality. Retortal’s global network now includes over five hundred resellers.