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Book / Kindle details : Are you running an estore and looking for ways to speed up your eCommerce success? / Yulia V Smirnova

Grow and Scale Your Online Store To Profit helps you find answers which strategies, processes, technology and tools make a difference in running an eCommerce business regardless of size, niche, business model and geography.

Are you launching your online store this year? Or are you running an estore and looking for ways to speed up your eCommerce success?

Increase your online sales

Perhaps, you are ready to get to the next level and increase your online sales. Or you are looking to make changes in your business model, online marketing or operational excellence to get to profit faster. Or maybe, you are just entering the eCommerce industry space and need a good solid primer to give you a comprehensive coverage on what works and what does not. This book can speed up your eCommerce success within hours. How so?

Imagine that you can tap into the experience of over 50 eCommerce experts, entrepreneurs and online retail industry leaders in the USA and abroad. Some of them launched and bootstrapped online shops to profit. Some built estores, got venture capital to back up and scale their best tactics in customer acquisition, ecommerce operations and technology. Some sold their ventures and now lead Internet marketing strategy in traditional retail companies, getting them to the etail business model. Some are still running their online shops successfully, growing them every year and launching new brands and products.

This book is a compilation of their stories, lessons and insights, with actionable checklists, processes, ideas and tips to apply to your business.

Thus, within minutes, you will discover:
18 proven eCommerce strategies that cover examples from 96 sites, based on 67 lessons from the 15 select stories of eCommerce rock stars. Supplemented with:

1. 26 checklists with 228 tips from over 50 experts (including me).
2. 92 proven tools, technology and service providers that successful eCommerce sites use.
3. 8 exclusive bonuses with discounts and savings otherwise not available elsewhere.
4. A one-pager framework, tested with the experience of all above for you to re-use over and over while amplifying your eCommerce success.

You do not have to spend years in eCommerce to get your online shop to success. You need proven examples, stories, tips and a framework to become an eCommerce rock star yourself. This is what this book delivers. You can tap into this knowledge and apply it to your online store within minutes.