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Movers and Groovers : AudienceScience names Frank Suljic Vice President Of Sales

Ad Technology Firm Taps Enterprise Sales Expert to Lead Sales Efforts

AudienceScience® has announced that Frank Suljic has joined the company as Vice President of Sales. The 24-year sales veteran will focus on growing the ad technology company’s enterprise customer base and helping strategic advertisers address issues of transparency and accountability in their interactive marketing efforts.

Suljic brings years of experience in selling both enterprise software and digital media to Fortune 500 customers. At AudienceScience, he will leverage that expertise on behalf of the Gateway SaaS enterprise platform, which allows advertisers to programmatically buy premium inventory without using demand-side or sell-side platforms.

“We’re elated to add Frank to our team and drive our sales efforts,” said Mike Peralta, CEO of AudienceScience. “He’s had such a unique experience combining his engineering background with a strong sales pedigree to build relationships with some of the world’s leading advertisers. We’re looking forward to adding Frank’s expertise and experience to our growing team.”

Suljic’s experience across media and enterprise software saw him recently serve as CRO for the cross-channel marketing attribution company Visual IQ. He has held sales positions at companies including IBM, Oracle, Siebel Systems, SeeSaw Networks and eLoyalty, with 18 years of experience in enterprise sales and an additional six years in media.

“AudienceScience is trying to crack a major marketer problem, and addressing that issue from this role is a dream fit for me,” said Suljic. “The Science part has attracted the engineer in me, while the Audience application captures my interest in marketing. I look forward to sharing what we’re doing with the CMOs of some of the world’s leading advertisers.”

Suljic earned an engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from the University of Chicago.