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eMarketer: UK mobile ad spending to pass the £2 billion mark this year – plus comment by Andrew Goode, Project Sunblock

by on July 1, 2014 in Advertising, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Lead story, Media, Mobile/Tablet, Online Advertising, Online Video, QR Codes, Research, Retail News, Rock 'n Roll, Search Marketing

Andrew Goode, COO of Project Sunblock, comments on why the explosion in mobile could spell trouble for advertisers:

“Mobile is set to be King of the ad platforms and brands are adapting rapidly, funnelling advertising spend away from TV, print and even traditional desktop display, and into mobile platforms. But putting more emphasis on mobile isn’t enough to ensure your ads have an impact. The fact is that advertisers still don’t have enough insight into where their ads are appearing online, let alone on mobile web. As it stands, thousands of ad impressions are wasted every day because advertisers have no idea where their display ads end up or if they are even seen. With billions being invested, advertisers need to make sure their profits are protected.

“Programmatic buying, particularly Real Time Bidding (RTB) has made tracking where digital ads are seen incredibly difficult and the same goes for mobile. With RTB, where bidding decisions are made in milliseconds, unless advertisers have real-time insight into where their ads are displaying it is impossible to keep track, meaning that they can end up against any type of content.

This not only poses a significant risk to brand reputation, but also means that advertisers are wasting money on impressions that are either not seen at all, or are in entirely inappropriate places. Only the most proactive and forward thinking digital strategies will succeed in the mobile landscape. So advertisers will need to adapt to this mobile trend by enhancing their ability to monitor their ads across multiple devices, ensuring that their ROI isn’t being hindered by wasting budget on ads that aren’t being seen.”


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