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‘Impoverished divorcee’ John Cleese now busy on stage in the UK and writing a new banking ad in Australia

The banking ad in Australia has four spots, co-written by the Monty Python star, highlighting ways Bankwest makes banking easier.John Cleese is the new face of Bankwest in this new series of ads created in Aussie land by Host.

He also recently revived the  Argument Clinic on stage in London. It remains one of the simplest and funniest sketch ideas in the history of comedy, and  Palin and Cleese prove its brilliance is undimmed by the years

In Australia Cleese plays a cynical customer gradually won over by Bankwest staff member Katie.

Host ECD Bob Mackintosh said: “Hearing that John liked the idea and was keen to be in the campaign was great. Learning that he actually wanted to write the scripts with us was even better.

Paul Vivian, Bankwest GM of customer communications and brand said: “This is an important evolution for our brand as we focus in on what truly matters to our customers – making their banking easier for them.”

The campaign marks a move away from the bank’s long running campaign featuring various talking animals.