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B2B marketers : How to improve lead generation, referrals, content and more

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In a recent article for Ad Age, Ruth Stephens offered her“top seven” list of b-to-b marketing channels. Topping the list was website lead generation.

Stephens reviews the basic ways in which businesses typically use their websites for inbound lead gen, from offering a white paper or other download in exchange for contact information, to using IP address identification software to discover which company a visitor is from and then placing a sales call to that company.

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How to ramp it up

These methods will undoubtedly give you some leads, but progressive profiling will take you several steps further by tracking the activity of visitors to your site to gain insights about their specific interests. Use this knowledge to inform your telemarketing and email nurturing campaigns.

Crank up your referral volume

Next on Stephens’ list are customer referrals. Asking for a referral, as she mentions, is a good habit to get into, but she also admits that rarely will referrals sustain a business by themselves, let alone help it to grow. In fact, if you follow the choice of one business owner I know, by eschewing advertising and solely rely on referrals, then you might as well retire.

Social proof is important when marketing to businesses. Encourage your customers to not only give you referrals, but also to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn. Your satisfied clients might also be willing to provide you with positive feedback that you can place on your website.

In search of content

Third on the list is search engine marketing, another staple of online marketing. This segment also touches on content marketing, which actually continues to be a high priority, especially for b-to-b marketers that need to educate potential buyers about why their business needs the product or service in question. Since buyers review an average of nine pieces of content during the research process, this proven marketing tool deserves its own spot on any list of marketing media.

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