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Ten Commandments of Brand Bravery: Q&A With Contagious’ Paul Kemp-Robertson

What does it take to become a fearless brand, like Coca Cola, Patagonia or Unilever’s Dove? Bravery, full stop–and the task of making brands braver is the primary objective for marketing industry agitators, Contagious Communications.

Since 2007, Contagious has helped brands innovate, via an industry-sweeping trend magazine, collaborative research platform Contagious I/O and its consultancy arm, Contagious Insider.

“We wanted to be an early warning system for brands…to create a handbook for the immediate future and an instruction manual for what’s going on,” says co-founder and editorial director at Contagious Communications, Paul Kemp-Robertson. The company has helped brands like Google, Heineken, Louis Vuitton, Mondelez, BBC Worldwide, and Nike arrive at bold and successful innovations.

In an exclusive interview, ROI asked Kemp-Robertson to provide tips on how brands can push themselves to be braver. Behold, the 10 commandments of brand bravery: