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Conversion rate optimization infographic / “Clients regularly seeing conversion rates in the double digits” / Eddie O’Driscoll, DPFOC

Hi Will, …  My name is Eddie O’Driscoll and I am the MD of a digital marketing agency in Ireland called DPFOC.

One area of particular interest to me is the whole discipline of conversion rate optimization. For years, our company focused on getting more and more traffic to our clients’ websites. But recently we started to say “OK, are we squeezing every last conversion out of the traffic that our clients already have?”

We started to study conversion rate optimization in detail and implement some of what we learned for our own site and our clients. The results have been really amazing with clients regularly seeing conversion rates in the double digits. While studying the area I found it hard to come across really useful, actionable advice so I have condensed my study on the subject into an info-graphic.

Eddie O Driscoll, Managing Director – DPFOC UK & Ireland

Eddie founded DPFOC in partnership with Kalpesh Tiwari in 2008 after graduating from University with an honours degree in business.

Eddie, a Google AdWords Qualified Individual, is passionate about lifelong learning and is the driving force behind the culture of workplace learning that exists within DPFOC. Eddie spends over 3 hours each day studying latest online marketing trends and techniques and works closely with senior staff to ensure that the quality of the service being provided to clients around the world is improving every day. His motto is “excellence in increments.”