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Helping Scotland Decide / It’s time to decide with the new voting referendum highlighter!

Want to grab the attention of the Scottish public whilst out canvassing to see which way they plan to vote?

Well look no further as Promotional Products Week (PPW) has created a ‘referendum voting highlighter’ that will allow the Scottish public to show with ease which way they plan to cast their vote and make political history.

The double-sided highlighter is in red for the UK and NO and blue for Scotland and YES and is suitable for all journalists gathering public opinion in the run up to the Scottish referendum. Small and compact, the ‘referendum voting highlighter’ offers a novel way to identify whether the public is behind the campaign. Is it a blue vote for Alex Salmond and the SNP or will voters give the red vote and confirm their allegiance to the UK?

“Promotional products motivate twice as many recipients to take action than any other advertising medium”

The power and popularity of the pen was shown in recent research commissioned by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) which revealed that pens and highlighters are the product most often purchased by marketers to carry an advertising message.  This is because they are not only cost-effective but also useful to the recipient which means they will be kept, bringing longevity to a promotional campaign and ongoing brand awareness.

The research also revealed that promotional products motivate twice as many recipients to take action than any other advertising medium including print, web, direct mail and TV.*

Promotional Products Week takes place during the 15th – 19th September and is being run by the BPMA.  It will see activity from nearly 600 members including open days, events and hospitality, new product launches and special offers, as well as the BPMA Student Design Innovation Awards, which is run in conjunction with Brunel University.

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